Many companies are finding that they can handle the myriad challenges of today’s labor market with a comprehensive contract workforce. This kind of workforce solution comes with its own administrative challenges, but these can be addressed with a vendor-on-premise program.

When it comes to handling warehousing, distribution or light industrial staffing — a workforce in large facilities can involve thousands of employees. Often, a large percentage of these employees are contract workers. Temporary workers are especially common in industries with seasonal peaks in demand. Also referred to as an ‘onsite staffing program’ — a vendor-on-premise program involves a staffing provider co-locating one or more of its own personnel within a client company’s facilities to help with the oversight of a large contract workforce.

VOP Staffing: Everything You Need to Know

Having onsite management from a talent provider is a great option for companies that must adjust their staffing based on shifts in demand. Furthermore, an onsite vendor is also valuable for companies looking to bring in an entire team for a large project. Imagine having to hire dozens of staff to handle a multi-million-dollar order. On-premise managers can help to bring contract teams up to speed quickly and keep them on track until the project has been completed. The result is a company successfully taking advantage of a highly lucrative opportunity while minimizing the associated labor costs.

It’s important to note that the nature of temporary work is different from that of full-time employment. When it comes to dealing with the unique challenges of a large and multifaceted contract workforce, on-site staffing personnel are likely better positioned than staff located in a provider’s office. Using their daily observations and interactions, onsite personnel can make smarter decisions related to payroll, account management, workforce development and other issues.

How Does a Vendor on Premise Program Work?

When the demand for products or services changes, possibly due to seasonal factors, onsite staffing services are invested in helping clients optimize staffing accordingly. Onsite staff can help companies plan for seasonal changes by developing strategies for talent acquisition and onboarding.

Light industrial temp agencies that offer onsite staffing services will place a personnel manager at a company’s facility to oversee a temporary workforce. The managed staffing services they provide will include detailed reporting on program performance, handling the onboarding of temporary workers, and communication with approved staffing suppliers.

Onsite representatives for companies providing managed staffing services act as an extension of a client’s human resources department. This kind of working relationship helps to connect company management with its contract workforce, helping to boost the engagement of these workers and provide a greater return on investment.

Onsite staffing services provide a company with a more holistic workforce strategy. Processes related to talent acquisition, worker retention and engagement are approached with a customized approach that is informed by a managed services provider’s outside expertise. Light industrial temp agencies and other providers also have proven strategies for measuring the effectiveness of the staffing solution they provide. This helps a company take a proactive approach to inefficiencies and quickly adjust as circumstances change. Furthermore, comprehensive reporting and analysis positions a company to maximize return on future investments in a contract workforce.

What are the Benefits of Onsite Staffing Programs?

Companies in Fenton and Pacific, MO that are already heavily invested in a contract workforce may be reluctant to make an additional investment in onsite staffing programs. However, these programs can provide a significant return in the form of several tangible benefits.

#1 VOP Staffing Offers Workforce Scalability

When a company uses onsite staffing services, it has dedicated staffing personnel that are immersed in its working environment, allowing them to gain a granular understanding of workflows. For example, those operating in light industrial staffing gain an understanding of a company’s specific production, distribution and maintenance processes. This granular knowledge helps them make on-the-fly adjustments to a temporary workforce. For example, onsite personnel might recognize the need for unique skills or experience and quickly acquire the essential talent that is needed.

This first-person knowledge also helps an onsite staffing services provider scale up a contract workforce with workers who have the skills to handle specific operations. Staffing levels are continually assessed by an onsite coordinator. If seasonal demands are not being met, a company doesn’t have to deal with time-wasting, back-and-forth communications. Onsite personnel can simply start an immediate hiring process.

This capability is valuable for light industrial companies that are expanding facilities, increasing customer base, or introducing new product lines. In these situations, onsite staffing services perform the “heavy lifting” needed to quickly and smartly scale up a light industrial staffing solution. Working hand-in-glove with company personnel, onsite staffing managers can quickly write up job descriptions for any new roles, arrange for advertising, screen candidates, conduct interviews and even help with onboarding. This type of intelligent, targeted scaling leads to a significant competitive advantage and increased ability to dominate market share.

#2 Managed Staffing Improves Efficiency

Onsite personnel can improve the efficiency of managed staffing services by tracking established HR metrics such as time-to-hire, attendance, overtime costs, turnover and engagement with incentive programs. These metrics become more important as the scale of managed staffing services increase or become more complicated. A provider can make the impacts of these metrics easily understandable through customized reports, helping a company track the overall efficiency of its contract workforce.

Onsite personnel also help to improve the efficiency of communication by establishing a single point of contact for an employer. This facilitates the implementation of managed staffing services and minimizes the potential for miscommunication.

The managed staffing services included with the onsite program don’t stop at hiring. They will also provide job order management and supplier management services which also help streamline communication.

#3 Cut Costs with Onsite Staffing

Onsite staffing programs ensure an employer always has the right amount of contract workers available by helping a company take a proactive approach to its workforce. By comparison, a more reactive approach can translate to higher costs related to over- or under-staffing.

Onsite staffing programs also cut costs by reducing time-to-hire. The amount of time needed to fill a position can vary significantly, depending on the nature of the job and structure of the company. For example, a large company will struggle to quickly hire candidates with unique skills due to administrative demands.

Onsite staffing programs or ideally positioned to find the best candidates in less time. Through an existing talent network, a managed services provider can quickly identify promising candidates and provide them to a client for screening and/or interviewing. this gives a company a large talent pool that it can readily tap into when the need for labor quickly increases. This also has the impact of supporting high levels of productivity.

#4 Increase Productivity with Managed Staffing

Onsite managed staffing solutions can also increase productivity in two ways.

First, it helps to streamline the onboarding process. The training of new hires and ongoing development of employees are key components of managing a workforce. Good onboarding not only helps new hires get up to speed quickly, but it also supports upskilling they have contract workers are asked to take on more responsibility. Unfortunately, company personnel are often highly focused on revenue-generating activities, meaning onboarding can get short shrift. Hence, onsite staffing services not only help to support high productivity but they also help support the expansion of workforce capabilities.

Onsite staffing solutions also increase productivity by driving engagement and performance of contract workers. Contract workers are paid by the staffing provider, and naturally, they feel motivated to impress personnel from the provider. An onsite staffing manager can use regular check-ins, feedback and encouragement to ensure that contract workers are highly productive and engaged. Onsite personnel can also provide reminders, conduct periodic performance reviews and help address conflicts, should they arise.

Onsite personnel also increase productivity by helping with the safety training of contract workers. In addition to reducing the number of accidents and illnesses, keeping workers on the job and safety training has also been shown to increase productivity.

Vendor on Premise Staffing Services with Westside Personnel

When contract staff members are working at a high level of efficiency, it optimizes the return on investment in an onsite staffing program. At Westside Personnel, our onsite staffing solutions are dedicated to ensuring companies in Pacific, Fenton and other towns in surrounding Missouri are getting the most out of their light industrial staffing solution.

Our onsite personnel managers are highly experienced when it comes to motivating, encouraging and coordinating a contract workforce. They understand how to keep an on-site staffing program productive while keeping workers satisfied through daily check-ins and meetings. Our personnel are also trained and conflict resolution, minimizing any friction for our clients. At the end of the day, our on-site personnel are dedicated to keeping operations going smoothly so our clients can focus their attention on core, revenue-generating activities. Please contact us today to arrange for a consultation, where we can get into the details of a custom on-site staffing program for your organization.