Like the rest of the country, Missouri is currently in a historically tight labor market. While the tight market is great for job seekers and workers looking to get more out of their current employers, the market is an unprecedented challenge for employers – especially those in Eastern Missouri.

Fortunately, staffing agencies in Pacific, Mo., and the surrounding area have been stepping up to deliver talent acquisition solutions to employers. Companies that decide to use staffing agencies often see a major return on investment in the form of financial savings, fewer bad hires and greater workforce flexibility. If you’re unsure about the value of working with recruiters in Pacific, consider the following benefits of forging such as relationship.

Staffing Agencies Save Time, Money and Other Resources

In-house hiring processes can be long and drawn out, often requiring significant investments of time and money. agencies can speed up the hiring procedure by assessing large numbers of job applicants for you. Rather than investing weeks in reviewing resumes from dozens of applicants, your company only needs to asses a small group of very qualified professionals.

If your company has limited training resources, recruiters in Pacific can locate applicants who already possess the particular skills needed to hit the ground running, saving significantly with respect to onboarding and training. For instance, a local manufacturing operation may need to quickly ramp up production ahead of a busy holiday season, and manufacturing staffing agencies in Pacific can easily hire temporary workers with production experience in a matter of days, not weeks.

Reduce Bad Hires with a Recruiter

A good staffing firm has spent years developing a talent network through employment assignments, networking, and daily conversations with active job seekers. While an employer can take steps to build a talent network, this isn’t the focus of companies outside the staffing and recruiting industries.

Through their large talent pools, staffing agencies in Pacific are in a position to quickly connect you with qualified professionals for your open positions. Staffing agencies also have connections to job seekers who are outside the immediate area, including those with unique qualifications for hard-to-fill roles.

Greater Labor Flexibility

Hiring temporary employees from staffing agencies in Pacific could cost less than employing full-time employees. Hiring temporary workers means savings on things like benefits packages and payroll taxes. After temporary workers finish an assignment, their agency works to find them another assignment, reducing the money spent on unemployment claims. During busy seasonal periods, temporary staff can help to avoid the costs associated with paying overtime to full-time staff. Additionally, constantly having staff work overtime results in diminishing returns, according to research.

Staffing agencies can also offer temp-to-hire solutions that give an employer the chance to assess workers on the job before offering them a full-time position. After a temp-to-hire employee adapts to your work environment you can observe how well they grow and develop in your organization. You can evaluate their performance metrics and compare them to previous temp-to-hire workers to ensure you’re offering jobs to the right people. You can also get input from many people in your organization about a temp-to-hire associate before a potential job offer.

Win the War for Talent with Missouri’s Top Staffing Agency

Westside Personnel is a leading provider of light industrial and general labor staffing in Pacific, Missouri. Local employers rely on our industry knowledge to deliver exceptional temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placement services. Our recruiters will connect you with the top light industrial and general labor talent in the area who will immediately add value to your team. Contact our staffing agency in Pacific, MO today to get started.