Why Work With Us?

We want to keep you happy!

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, you may wonder if it makes sense to work with a staffing agency. Why not just apply online for jobs you find posted? That’s certainly an option, you’ll probably find plenty of jobs on the internet. But partnering with a staffing firm is like having a friend in the business with insider access. 

We Know Employers 

Often, we have worked with specific employers for many years. We know what hiring managers are looking for and what it’s like to work there. Even if you do your research on a company and ask plenty of questions in the interview, it can sometimes be hard to make an informed decision on a job. We will be completely honest with you about what to expect. For example, if you like to work as part of a team and the job you’re interested in will require you to work independently, we can give you a heads up and maybe steer you toward a job that would be a better fit. 

Apply Once; Access Dozens of Jobs 

Some online applications are long and frustrating. Sometimes they tell you to upload your resume and you STILL have to answer a bunch of questions. If you find five jobs you’re interested in, it could take you hours to apply for them all. When you work with Westside Personnel, you only have to enter your information once, no matter how many jobs you want to follow up on. You can even set up a job alert with your preferences and get an email as soon as a job becomes available. 

Get Access to Unadvertised Jobs 

When companies are hiring, they don’t always want to spend the time necessary to advertise open positions, read through resumes or applications, set up interviews and make hiring decisions, especially if they are hiring many employees at once or need people on a short-term basis such as when they have a tight deadline to meet or have a project to complete. That’s why they rely on experts like Westside Personnel. We do all the legwork for them and connect them with people like you that we have already screened know to be well qualified. As a temporary employee, you work for us, not the company, so when the project is finished, you’re ready for a new one. We can connect you with another employer – a company just like the last one or one that’s completely different depending on your preference.  

Want to Learn More?  

Check out these other great benefits of working with a staffing agency! 

And Since you’re a Westside Personnel employee, we want to keep you happy! 

That’s why we offer a range of benefits. Do we offer health insurance? Of course! But that’s not all you’ll get as a Westside employee: 

  • Work 1800 hours in a year and you’ll earn vacation and holiday pay. 
  • Refer a friend and we’ll pay you a $100.00 bonus once they work 150 hours. 

Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

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