Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining top-notch administrative employees for your St. Louis business? If so, you are not alone. The labor market, in general, remains extremely tight, with low unemployment and lots of competition. Admin talent specifically can be challenging to source due to the unique blend of technical aptitude and people skills that these roles require. Fortunately, there is help. Working with a dedicated admin temp agency in St. Louis can help you fill your open administrative positions with people who want to stay long-term.


How Can a St. Louis Staffing Agency Help in Talent Retention?

Despite the name, admin temp agencies don’t solely fill temporary roles. When you partner with a St. Louis staffing agency, you’ll benefit from our expertise and deep connections to the local market. We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of your staff, from temp workers to full-time direct hires.


Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Filling an open position takes a lot of resources. You’ll need to write job ads and determine where to place them. You’ll need to ensure your ads are seen by the right candidates while also weeding through applications from those who are entirely unqualified. You’ll need to conduct interviews in which you not only gauge an applicant’s skills but also try to determine whether that person is in it for the long haul. But when you partner with a staffing agency, we do the hard work for you.


Staffing Agencies Helping in Sourcing and Retaining Top Talent

When you try to find employees independently, you must start over each time. However, staffing agencies maintain an updated roster of people looking for work. Partnering with us means gaining access to our network of talented and highly qualified administrative workers who will be ready to go on day one. We also know where to source new talent to keep our pipeline full. We understand what it takes to keep people on board long-term.


Understanding Local St. Louis Job Market

Each community is unique, and so are the people who work in that community. We have deep ties to the local area and know the specific factors affecting the St. Louis job market. We know your competitors and understand what St. Louis job seekers seek in a long-term position.


Tactics Office Staffing Services Use for Providing Top Administrative Talent

Office staffing services in St. Louis have quite a few tools in our arsenal. We will leverage our experience and knowledge to find just the right administrative talent for your company. Tactics we use include:


Understanding Client Needs and Culture Fit

It’s not enough for a candidate to look great on paper. We know that your best chance for retaining top talent is to hire just the right people in the first place. We sit down with each client to better understand your organization. We’ll ask detailed questions about the role, your expectations, and your work culture and values. That way, we can match you with the right candidates. Like matchmakers, we understand how important it is to create the right pairings.


Crafting Customized Staffing Solutions

Admin staffing agencies understand that “one size fits all” rarely works well for anyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to crafting customized staffing solutions that truly meet your business needs and objectives. We offer:


  • Temporary workers. Whether you need to cover a single key role for a few days or bring in a team to meet seasonal demand, we can provide you with highly qualified temporary employees for as long as needed. This can also be a great short-term solution while searching for a full-time employee.
  • Temp-to-hire. Maybe you’re expanding a new market, or you can’t quite find the person with the specific background you want. Temp-to-hire lets you test the waters before committing. We’ll send you someone temporarily with an option to convert to full-time at the end of the contract. If things work out, we’ll help with onboarding your new employee. If not, you’re free to let the contract expire simply.
  • Direct hire. When you’re confident you need a new full-time employee, we’re here to help. We’ll handle the screening and vetting process and then provide you with a short list of well-matched and highly qualified candidates from which to choose.


Streamlined Recruitment Process for Administrative Positions

A long and tedious hiring process is one of the biggest ways that companies can lose out on promising candidates. Today’s job seekers have options, and they’re not likely to wait around. Since recruiting is our core business, administrative staffing agencies know how to do it quickly without cutting corners. We use various methods to quickly screen applicants and move them through the process while keeping them fully informed at each stage.


What Tailored Strategies for Candidate Retention Can a St. Louis Staffing Agency Offer?

St. Louis staffing agencies offer a variety of tailored strategies for candidate retention. These include, but are not limited to:

Developing Customized Service Plans for Candidate Experience

The candidate’s experience truly matters. Those with a positive experience are likelier to complete the process without dropping out. But beyond that, they’re also far more likely to develop an overall positive view of your company, which sets them on the road toward long-term employee retention. That’s why we build customized service plans that will attract candidates and keep them interested.

Ensuring Goal Alignment Through Transparent Communication

Another key element in candidate and employee retention is goal alignment. Where do they see themselves in five years? Does their vision align with the career paths your company has to offer? Are you prepared to take ambitious employees as far as they can go? Or, on the flip side, can you offer security and comfort to those who prefer not to take too many career risks? When what you can provide closely matches the candidate’s wants, you’ve set the stage for a long and fulfilling professional relationship.

Ongoing Value-Added Support and Guidance

We don’t look at client relationships as one-offs. We aim to become your go-to staffing partner for many years. We’ll work hard to provide as much value as possible. This means offering ongoing support and guidance as your business grows and evolves. Whenever you have a staffing-related question or concern, just call us. We’re always here to help!


Partner with an Admin Temp Agency in St Louis to Start Retaining Top Administrative Talent for Your Business Today!

Westside Personnel is a top admin staffing agency in St. Louis. With nearly 30 years of local experience, we have the skills to recruit, interview, and hire just the right person to fill any administrative position at your company. We offer temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct staffing services to meet your needs. We also offer payroll services for temp employees and can provide an on-site staffing coordinator for larger temporary workforces. We take pride in our individualized service, so let us know what you need! Ready for some help? Request an employee today!