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We’re getting this question a lot from our job seekers lately: “So just how do I use a temp agency in St. Louis to find work, and is a temporary job right for me?”


We’re going to provide clarification on that topic in this post. In fact, we’re going to cover multiple topics surrounding temporary work positions.

Top FAQs About Temporary Employment Agencies from St. Louis Job Seekers:



We’re also going to drill down into the upside and the downside of temp work for job seekers. Before we get started, though, let’s look at a broad definition of temporary work. The remote work experts over at FlexJobs provide a bird’s eye view of temporary work: 


Temporary employment is when an employer needs someone in a specific role for a limited (and defined) amount of time.


For example, an employer might need a temporary accountant to cover for an employee who’s out on parental leave for three months or to fill in for someone on a six-month sabbatical.


Temporary roles are similar to seasonal positions, like working retail through the holiday season or lifeguarding at the pool during the summer. The difference, though, is that seasonal work is only available “in season,” while temporary work is generally available year-round.


And, sometimes, companies will take on temporary workers during difficult economic times. This allows them to staff up without having to take on a regular employee (and everything that goes with that).


That’s an excellent high-level definition of temporary work. Now we‘ll drill down into the role of temporary staffing agencies in filling temp-to-hire jobs and temp-to-perm employment opportunities. 


The Complete Guide to Finding Work with a Temp Agency in St. Louis


If you’re looking for temporary or temp-to-hire job opportunities, we can help. We’re ready to source and place the best available temporary staff and full-time employees that companies need to succeed and thrive. And we have intimate knowledge of the Pacific and Fenton, MO hiring market.  


At Westside Personnel Services, we are laser-focused on identifying, qualifying, and implementing the perfect staffing solution for our clients and candidates. Our goal is to empower our clients so they can grow their businesses with exceptional employees. We help companies accomplish that goal by recruiting and hiring the best-of-the-best available personnel for temp, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. That’s excellent news for our job-seeker and our employer clients


Since 1994 Westside Personnel has been an industry leader in staffing and recruiting in the Pacific, MO region. Are you interested in hearing more? Give our professional staffing team a call at 636-349-9378, or get in touch with us online today.


So let’s get started with the basics. 


What is a Temp Agency?


These are usually full-service employment agencies that offer a wide range of workforce management solutions, including temp and temp-to-hire services. Westside Personnel Services is an example of a full-service Staffing, Recruiting, and Temp Agency in Pacific, MO

Temporary employment agencies are often regionally focused, whereas recruiting firms are often nationally or globally focused. If you were to do an internet search on “Temp Agencies Pacific MO,” for example, it would surface Westside Personnel at the top of the list of local staffing agencies. 


How Do Temp Agencies Work?


Temp agencies know both sides of the hiring equation—the employer and the employee. A good staffing company knows the local employment and talent markets like the back of their hand. They know the hiring teams and HR professionals as well as the candidates. Close relationships between employment agencies and the hiring teams at client companies create awareness of job opportunities that are often not advertised. That can be a huge advantage to job hunters.

The temp staffing agency will pay the temporary employee’s wages and any applicable benefits during a temporary employment engagement.


How Long Does Temporary Work Last?


There are no hard and fast rules or laws, but 12-17 months is the unofficial limit. The U.S. Department of Labor loosely defines the limit on temporary jobs as 12 months. But circumstances can play a role in the duration of the arrangement.


The global leaders in online resources for small businesses at All Business recently offered some sound advice:


Once your company goes beyond making the temp feel like a member of the team and begins making employee-type demands on the temp, the temp should, by law, become an employee and be entitled to all the benefits that an employee of your company receives. Using temps long-term to get work done without having to pay benefits such as health insurance and stock options is a no-no. This view has been backed repeatedly by the IRS and recently by the Department of Justice.


Employers usually do not want to extend temp work timelines beyond several months. And staffing agencies can be excellent mediators between temp workers and employers for any potential misunderstanding regarding the duration of the temporary position. 


When Does a Temporary Job Become Permanent?


A temp job can become permanent in a couple of different circumstances. Sometimes the temp employee does such an exemplary job and shows such great initiative that the employer hires them as a permanent employee—even if the original position does not become permanent. That’s the organic method.


What is Temp-to-Hire?


These positions are generated to create an evaluation period for the employee and the employer. 

Temp-to-hire can be an excellent way for prospective employees and employers to evaluate each other. It’s a perfect way for both sides of the hiring equation to assess without an official full-time employee onboarding process. 


How to Make a Temp Job Permanent


Employees can work hard and smart to turn temporary jobs into permanent positions. We always encourage temporary employees to engage in three job-enhancing activities on every temp or temp-to-hire job opportunity:  


Demonstrate Quick Learning Abilities

Always ask questions and take every opportunity to learn new skills and other resume-building credentials. You’ll impress your boss and acquire new skills, whether the job turns into a permanent opportunity or not.  


Build Relationships on the Job

Relationships will help you potentially turn your current temporary employment situation permanent and grow your network of references and colleagues simultaneously. These on-the-job relationships can be invaluable both now and well into the future.


Take the Initiative

Last but not least, don’t be timid about expressing your enthusiasm for the company and the temporary position. Employers prefer employees who aren’t afraid to stick their necks out.  

And you may also be pulled from the company’s list of preferred candidates for a future job, even if the current situation doesn’t turn permanent.


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We want to help you with your career goals. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, you may wonder if working with a staffing agency makes sense. Partnering with a staffing firm is like having an agent with insider business access. 

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And since you’re a Westside Personnel employee, we want to make sure you’re getting the benefits you deserve.

That’s why we offer a range of benefits like health insurance. But that’s not all you’ll get as a Westside employee. Here are some additional perks: 


  • Work 1800 hours in a year, and you’ll earn vacation and holiday pay
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