Let’s be honest: There is an upfront cost when your company works with a staffing agency in St. Louis. However, staffing agencies — especially good staffing agencies — provide a massive return on investment that can far outweigh an agency’s fees. Consider the following 11 ways in which temporary staffing in St. Louis can help your company reduce expenses.

1. Fewer Bad Hires

If you’ve ever made a bad hire, you know how costly they can be. Not only does a bad employee produce poor-quality work, but they also bring down the people around them. On top of that, a bad hire means wasted time and money on recruiting, screening, interviewing and on-boarding.

A good staffing agency in St. Louis will have quick access to a large supply of talent that has already been screened and interviewed. An agency can quickly identify the best-fit candidates for your open positions and significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire. On top of that, many agencies offer temp-to-hire arrangements that allow a company to test-drive workers before hiring them full-time.

2. Less Overtime

Overtime is expensive, but it can be unavoidable during surges in business. A staffing agency in St. Louis can help your company manage busy periods with a custom staffing solution. This allows your company to avoid paying overtime wages and hiring full-time employees who will have nothing to do during slow periods.

3. Specialized Expertise Without the Commitment

During periods of expansion or for one-off projects, companies may need to bring in people with specialized expertise. Staffing services in St. Louis can help a company bring in specialized talent on a temporary basis, eliminating the need for long-term financial commitment to these workers.

4. Lower Payroll

In any given company, employee benefits make up around 30 percent of the overall payroll. Contract employees do not receive benefits, making them a more attractive option, especially for short-term projects or initiatives.

5. Less Administrative and Managerial Work

When a company works with a staffing agency in St. Louis, it can allow the agency to handle all of the administrative and managerial overhead that comes with a custom staffing solution. This gives a company the power of additional talent without additional administrative overhead.

6. Match Pay Rates with Job Duties

Are your highly-paid managers bogged down with mundane administrative tasks? Are your supervisors spending too much time performing manual labor? Staffing services in St. Louis can provide your company with frontline workers so that your higher-paid personnel can focus on what they were hired to do. This makes well-paid staff more productive, generating a return on investment.

7. Fewer Unemployment Claims

Temporary staff members are employed by an agency, not your company. Therefore, if a temporary employee isn’t working out, you don’t have to worry about them claiming unemployment after being let go. This makes it much easier to quickly weed out underperforming workers.

8. Free Up HR Staff

HR staff have a lot more on their plate than just hiring new employees. When you hand off some of that function to staffing services in St. Louis, it allows your HR staff members to better serve full-time employees and your company.

9. Less Burnout

Research continues to show that employees are less effective if they are driven too hard for too long. For example, employees are much less effective as their work week stretches into the 50-hour mark. Temporary employees help to keep your full-time staff fresh and engaged in their work.

10. Innovation through Fresh Perspectives

Too often, employees will get stuck in routines that aren’t very effective. Because they often work with many different companies, temporary workers bring in fresh perspectives that can help refine and improve processes.

11. Greater Talent Flexibility

Companies are often forced to deal with short staffing in managerial or specialized roles. Temporary staffing in St. Louis can help your companies to better cover talent gaps, even if temporary employees aren’t hired to directly fill those gaps.

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