When it comes to optimizing the efficiency of an industrial or general labor workforce in St. Louis, Pacific, and Fenton, MO, it is critical to continually match the workload to the available resources. Managers must assign work in a way that distributes the workload across all available workers and the resources they need to do their jobs. When it comes to the employees themselves, managers must weigh individual availabilities, abilities, bandwidth, average productivity and other factors. This ongoing challenge often prompts companies to enlist the support of a staffing agency in St. Louis, Pacific, and Fenton to ensure operations maintain peak efficiency, utilizing temporary staffing services as needed.

Utilizing temporary staffing services in St. Louis, Pacific, and Fenton can be very effective when it comes to workload management. Temporary staffing allows managers to build work schedules that have employees always doing what they’re best at, ideally keeping employees from being unproductive or overworked. When employees are best utilized, it helps them stay engaged in their work, and that results in organizational success.

Getting this balance right requires a systemic approach. A good first step is getting a clear picture of all the work being done by your department or your company at the current moment. Even if you and your managers are following best practices for managing workload, it’s easy for unseen work to get done. Begin by taking a look at all the work that got done in the previous month. This ought to provide you with a sense of what a standard workload includes to help you understand what it usually takes to get things done.

Then, break down the work into what gets done by individual employees. A simple way to do this is to make a list of common tasks handled by each team member. Look for any discrepancies and interview employees to see if there’s any work you haven’t tracked.

Once you have a sense of all the work that’s getting done, and by whom, it’s easier to spot inefficiencies. For instance, your highly skilled staff members might be spending a long time performing basic data entry tasks. Having well-paid workers spend too much of their time on basic tasks will keep them from their primary responsibilities, which causes unnecessary delays.

Understanding the Role of Temporary Staffing Agencies in the Industrial and General Labor Industries

If employees in your Missouri company are investing too much time on basic tasks, consider using a temporary staffing agency in St. Louis, Pacific or Fenton to deal with these responsibilities. Your employees should be able to cut back on admin and focus on the key responsibilities for which they were hired.

How Do Temporary Staffing Agencies in St. Louis, Fenton, and Pacific Work?

In return for a fee, temporary staffing agencies provide a client company with different types of staffing solutions. It’s important to point out that while these companies are called temporary staffing agencies, many of them also provide placement services for full-time positions. Whether your company is bringing in temporary, contract, temp-to-hire, or full-time workers, using a staffing agency in St. Louis, Pacific, and Fenton offers a number of critical benefits.

Temp Staffing Agencies Have Ready Talent Pool

Inefficiencies in handling the workload often come from a team missing certain skills sets. Temporary staffing services can help your company by providing better access to people with capabilities you don’t currently have in your workforce. For example, if your warehouse is facing a busy holiday season and short on people with inventory experience, it doesn’t make sense hire a full-time employee. Nor does it make sense to provide sink-or-swim training to employees who have never done inventory before. In a situation like this, a temporary staffing agency in St Louis, Pacific and Fenton can quickly locate a local person with the skills needed for a busy season or a temporary project.

Most temporary staffing services have a wide-ranging database of people with particular skills and experiences. An industrial and general labor staffing company can quickly find someone with inventory experience who can boost efficiency when it’s needed most.

Temporary Staffing Streamlines the Hiring Process

According to a study from SHRM, the cost of a typical hiring process depends on the size of the company and industry, but it averages around $4,700 per employee. Basically, you should expect to spend money at every step of the process, from developing an up-to-date job description to onboarding a new hire.

This expense is obvious when you consider that time costs money. Searching through applications and evaluating applicants can distract department managers from other revenue-producing tasks. Meanwhile, HR personnel must also administer benefits, manage payroll and perform other duties.

Staffing agencies in St. Louis, Pacific and Fenton maintain large candidate databases and this gives them a leg up when it comes to streamlining the hiring process. Also, because they deal in high volumes of candidates, they can ensure more diverse selection of potential applicants, boosting your odds of locating the best fit for your company.

Staffing agency recruiters spend their days sourcing, evaluating and conducting preliminary interviews. They prefer a variety of automated technology and skill to take care of the preliminary stages of the hiring process. This lets both hiring managers and HR personnel concentrate on the most critical aspects of a hiring process, including final interviews and making job offers.

Temporary staffing services in Missouri also typically include payroll and other administrative duties. There’s also no need to worry about employment regulations because staffing specialists understand how to ensure compliance for their clients.

Many industrial and general labor agencies specialize in meeting high-volume staffing needs. In these situations, recruitment can quickly become overwhelming a company. A temp staffing agency that specializes in volume completely handles all of the administrative burden. These companies have the knowledge and structure to take care of large-scale staffing campaigns.

Meet Fluctuating Workforce Demands

Temporary staffing services can help companies quickly scale up or down their workforce. This is especially valuable for industrial and general labor industries that tend to be seasonal or project based. In addition to scaling up or down to meet expected shifts in workload, having a staffing partner at-the-ready is also beneficial when it comes to dealing with unexpected increases in demand. For example, if large production contract gets signed, a company with a staffing partner can be confident that it will be able to meet the terms of the contract.

Temporary staffing services are also valuable when a company is looking to grow. Temp to hire solutions are very effective during periods of growth as they allow companies to try out new employees on a temporary basis before offering them a permanent position. In the meantime, these “temporary” employees allow a company to meet its growth objectives by helping to maintain productivity. Temporary staffing services also guard against growth initiatives going wrong. If expanding operations suddenly seems like a bad idea, it’s much easier to lay off a temporary workforce than a permanent one. Put simply, temporary staffing services allow your company to test the waters when it comes to expanding operations.

Temp Staffing Agencies Prevent Burnout

It’s common for an employer to ask workers to work overtime during busy periods. However, overtime pay can be costly for an employer. On top of that, research has shown that there are diminishing returns to having employees extend their work week. In fact, productivity gains completely fall off once an employee it’s 50 hours in a single week of work. Overtime also leads to employee burnout, and this can result in higher turnover.

Temporary staffing services are a great way to keep your employees from too much overtime and burning out.

Temporary Staffing Services are Cost-Effective

In most companies, labor is the largest expense and it’s also fixed. Temporary staffing services provide a more cost-effective approach by transferring some of that fixed cost to variable cost. A company looking to do this could reduce its staff to an essential core and scale up its workforce for peak levels in demand. This approach is very cost-effective for companies with large fluctuations in workload.

Temporary staffing services also keep employee benefits to a minimum. Benefits typically comprise 30 to 35% of payroll. But benefits are typically paid to full-time employees and this cost can be minimized through the use of temporary staffing services. That being said, temporary employees can receive benefits through staffing agency, if they choose to do so.

A temp staffing agency also handles all of the administrative expenses for temporary workers. This can significantly decrease demands on a small HR department, allowing these employees to spend their time and more cost-effective activities.

Need to Fill Roles at Your Industrial or General Labor Facility? Leverage a Temporary Staffing Agency in St. Louis, Pacific and Fenton, MO

At Westside Personnel, we specialize in industrial and general labor staffing for companies in St. Louis, Pacific and Fenton, Missouri. We empower our recruiters to make the right decisions for your company, which allows them to act quickly and decisively. This trust we show in our recruiters separates our company from the competition and allows us to provide superior temporary staffing services. If you are currently looking at temp staffing agencies, consider contacting us and finding out how we can increase efficiency in your operations.