Are you trying to fill open positions in your St. Louis manufacturing company? Maybe you’re having trouble finding candidates with the right skills to help your business navigate this rapidly evolving industry. Have you considered working with a staffing agency in St. Louis? Here are a few ways we can help you bridge the skill gap at your facility.

What Challenges Do Manufacturing Companies Face in Finding Skilled Workers?

A persistent labor shortage makes it tough for companies across all industries to find the right employees. In addition, manufacturing companies face some unique challenges:

  • Retirements
  • Lack of interest among younger workers
  • Ever-changing skills requirements due to evolving technology
  • Stiff competition for the best talent

What Role Does a St. Louis Staffing Agency Play in Addressing Talent Shortages?

At their heart, St. Louis temp agencies serve as matchmakers. Our goal is to always match the right candidate with the right company. We maintain a strong pool of top-notch job seekers and fully vet them to ensure they are ready to go on Day One.

When you work with a staffing agency, you have three options for employees:

  • Temp workers serve for a specific period. Whether you need one person or several for a day or a few months, we can get workers to you on short notice.
  • Temp-to-hire. Maybe you’re unsure if you need someone long-term or a very specific skill set and would like some extra time with a potential new hire. Temp-to-hire is like a working interview. You’ll bring someone in on a temporary contract with the option to convert to a full-time role. If things work out, we’ll help you with onboarding. If not, the contract will end as scheduled.
  • Direct hire. When you’re ready to add one or more full-time employees, we can provide you with a short list of highly qualified candidates. No matter which one you choose, you can be confident they’re ready to go and a good fit for your organization.

Staffing Agencies Actively Source Candidates with the Required Skills and Experience Needed for the Job

Finding and attracting candidates with the right background and skillset can be challenging, especially in a tight labor market. For a dedicated manufacturing staffing agency, it’s just another day on the job. We know how to position your company to attract top-tier candidates. We are experts at writing job descriptions that get results. And we understand how to screen job seekers to ensure they have what it takes to succeed at your company.

Provide a Customized Recruitment Process for Manufacturing Companies in St. Louis

Not all manufacturing companies in St. Louis are alike. You need a recruiting process that works for your company. And today’s job seekers can afford to be picky. They won’t stick around for a bloated, time-consuming hiring journey. Through our extensive experience in the local market, we’ve learned to streamline the entire recruiting process. We focus on what’s truly important to you, while moving candidates along quickly and keeping them engaged throughout the journey.

Temporary Staffing Allows Companies to Adjust their Workforce According to Project Demands

St. Louis manufacturing companies can quickly adapt to changing demand with temporary staffing. When you establish a relationship with a local staffing agency, you build a long-term partnership to meet your current and future hiring needs. Let us know how many people you need, when, and how long you need them. They’ll remain on our payroll, simplifying your paperwork requirements. And you won’t be stuck trying to figure out what to do with them after the current surge ends. When demand rises again, just call us, and we’ll send out a fresh batch of temporary workers.

St. Louis Staffing Agencies Ensure Reduced Turnover

A bad hire can be costly in dollars, wasted time, and even a potentially damaged brand. That’s why it’s so important to find the right fit. With our deep experience in the local St. Louis market, we understand how to make the right matches. This reduces the chances of a bad hire and helps to limit employee turnover.

How Do Staffing Agencies Fulfill the Requirements of a Manufacturing Client?

Staffing agencies offer several specific services that are carefully crafted to meet the needs of manufacturing clients. These include:

Staffing Experts Provide In-Depth Consulting Sessions

We know that every manufacturing company is unique. So, we take the time to sit down with you for a detailed consulting session. We want to get to know your organization, work culture, and specific needs and goals. This allows us to provide candidates who have solid skills and mesh with your company’s culture, values, and approach to work.

Work Closely with Manufacturing Companies to Assess Job Requirements

We also understand that each role has specific requirements, and we strive to provide candidates with the right skills and experience to meet those requirements. Rather than make assumptions, we’ll have a detailed conversation about exactly what you are looking for. And if you aren’t quite sure what you need, we can help you figure it out.

Provide Rigorous Screening of Potential Candidates

Staffing agencies know the importance of carefully vetting job seekers before matching them with an organization. That’s why we follow rigorous screening standards. We’ll verify employment history, assess skills, and get to know each candidate personally before sending them your way.

Staffing Agencies Prioritize Safety Standards within the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing can be a dangerous industry, and we are committed to safety. We expect our candidates to follow the highest safety standards. And we provide the training they need to meet those expectations.

Offer Post-Placement Support

Placing an employee isn’t the end of the road. It’s only the beginning! We offer assistance with onboarding your new hire and post-placement support for you and your new team member. We want your working relationship to be productive, and we will do everything we can to facilitate that relationship.

Struggling to Fill Manufacturing Jobs?  Connect with a St. Louis Staffing Agency for Support and Guidance!

Westside Personnel is a top manufacturing staffing agency in St. Louis. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have the skills to recruit, interview, and hire just the right person to fill any manufacturing position at your company. We offer temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct staffing services to meet your needs. We also offer payroll services for temp employees and can provide an on-site staffing coordinator for larger temporary workforces. We take pride in our individualized service, so let us know what you need! Ready for some help? Request an employee today!