Manufacturing in the US continues to thrive, but with that success comes the challenge of hiring in order to meet demand. In a recent survey by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, 89 percent of executives in manufacturing said there is a talent shortage.

Exacerbating this challenge is the fact that manufacturers can’t just hire anyone that walks in the door. Modern production operations require technical know-how, in addition to a strong work ethic and teamwork skills. Hence, manufacturing companies face the dual challenge of attracting people in a tight labor market while ensuring they attract and hire the right people.

As one of the premier manufacturing staffing services in Fenton, we understand what it takes to attract and hire top manufacturing talent. Consider the following tips for your hiring process moving forward.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Some people are under the impression that manufacturing jobs are low-tech, low-paying and rapidly disappearing. This perception could not be further from the truth. Production facilities are increasingly using modern digital technology. The COVID pandemic triggered massive demand for talent and as a result, pay rates are up significantly. There’s also plenty of room for career growth.

When it comes to dispelling old manufacturing tropes, there is plenty of good information out there, but you must provide it to potential candidates. Explain the appeal of both your industry and working for your company. Share employee stories that run counter to old manufacturing tropes and do so using photos and video. Highlight any of your company’s modern workplace values and cultural aspects. Show possible career paths at your organization that are well-paying and rewarding. While you want to tell attractive stories, don’t exaggerate. Let the truth do the talking.

Recruit Passive Manufacturing Job Seekers in Fenton

In a 2020 survey from Job Seeker Nation, 48 percent of employed respondents said they were open to new roles. For employers, this means a lot of people who might be open to working at your company aren’t actively trying to find a new job. These passive candidates should be a main source of potential candidates for your manufacturing company.

Previous applicants are a primary source of passive job candidates. These people were very invested in working for your company at one point. If they made it past the resume screen they had the abilities and experience needed to fill an open position. If you sourced these applicants through a recruiting agency in Fenton, the agency likely still has their contact information.

Leverage an Employee Referral Program

You probably already understand how useful employee referrals can be for recruitment. Referrals have been proven to be the fastest, cheaper and most successful way to hire compared to job ads and other channels.

The key to a successful referral program is to ensure your employees are engaging with it. Encourage your employees to follow the company on social media as part of your referral program. Then, post job openings to your company’s social profiles so they can be shared by workers. This approach has proven quite successful at the Job Seeker Nation survey revealed 42 percent of respondents learn about job openings on social media.

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