Employee turnover can be a major problem for any company in St. Louis or globally. There are hidden costs to your business that you may never have thought about. Fortunately, there is a solution. If you’re having trouble with turnover, staffing services in St. Louis can help reduce it to a manageable level.


How Does Employee Turnover Affect Businesses?

You already know that employee turnover means a lot of wasted money in recruitment and training costs. But this is only the beginning. Other ways that turnover can impact your business include:


  • Reduced productivity. A single open position is bad enough since your current team members must cover the work. When you have a high turnover, new people constantly come and go. This can devastate your teams by lowering both trust and morale. Over time, it can even increase the risk of burnout. Inevitably, your organization’s productivity will suffer.
  • Safety and quality issues. Light industrial workers must understand exactly what they’re doing since mistakes could cause safety and quality concerns. When you have a constantly revolving door of new faces, the odds of something going wrong dramatically increase. Some turnover is normal, but you don’t want to end up with more new hires than seasoned employees on the floor.
  • Reputational damage. Customer trust is difficult to build but easy to lose. Constant turnover can make it tough to meet your clients’ standards. If quality control slips or you start to miss deadlines, you will likely face reputational damage that is tough to undo.


How Do St. Louis Staffing Agencies Reduce Turnover?

The best way to reduce turnover is to hire the right people in the first place. St. Louis staffing companies offer some unique advantages for local businesses that want to ensure their new hires are the right fit.


Access to a Larger Talent Pool

You may struggle to find qualified talent when you try to recruit employees independently. At a staffing agency, or “temp agency,” in St. Louis, that’s a core part of our business. We have deep ties to the local job market. We understand the needs and concerns of candidates in this area, and we know where to find the best talent. We also have a constantly updated roster of skilled and experienced candidates ready to go on Day One.


Use of Advanced Screening Techniques

We know how important it is to select fully screened and vetted candidates. That’s why we use the latest advanced screening techniques. This might include interviews, skills assessments, and more, depending on the role. Talk to us about your specific hiring needs for more details!


Matching Candidates to Company Culture and Needs

We understand hiring the right candidate is far more than skills and experience. Your new hire also needs to be a good “fit.” This means that your ideal candidate will mesh well with your existing team. Their values and approach to work should be similar to yours. Yet that person will also bring a fresh new perspective to the table. Matching candidates to companies is both an art and a science, and we pride ourselves on our matchmaking abilities.


Provide Temporary and Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a staffing firm is that we don’t solely focus on permanent hires. Perhaps you need to cover a key position for a few days or weeks while your regular employee is on a leave of absence. Or maybe you’re testing out a new market but are not ready to hire full-time staff. In these cases, temporary or temp-to-hire may be a better solution. Temporary workers are on a specific contract for a predetermined period of time. Temp-to-hire is similar, except if you and your new employee feel it’s the right fit, you can onboard that person as a permanent team member at the end of the contract.


Top 3 Benefits of Low Turnover for Businesses in St. Louis

There are a lot of reasons that low turnover is good for businesses in St. Louis, as well as around the world. Here are just three reasons to try to keep your turnover as low as possible:


Reduced Recruitment Costs

Recruiting is a major expense for any company, not only in cash outlays but also in labor hours. Writing job descriptions, screening applications, and interviewing candidates take valuable time. If your HR department is constantly dealing with turnover, it can become tough for them to attend to their other duties, such as taking care of your current employees’ needs.


Lower Training and Development Costs

Employee training and development are vital for any healthy business. They help ensure that your team members know exactly how best to do their jobs and build long-term engagement. But when a new hire isn’t the right fit, all the training and development in the world can’t fix it. When you have a high turnover, you’ll enter a cycle of constantly training and developing new employees, only to have to start over after they leave.


Minimized Productivity Losses

One of the biggest benefits to your company from reduced turnover is that it will help minimize productivity losses. When you have a strong, well-trained team that is used to working together, you can streamline your operational efficiency. This means getting more done more quickly, with fewer mistakes. Your team members won’t be stressed out and distracted from trying to cover open positions, and they’ll know how to collaborate to solve any problems that might arise.


Employee turnover is an ongoing problem for many companies in St. Louis and around the globe. But you don’t need to struggle alone. When you work with an experienced St. Louis staffing agency, you’ll gain access to our resources, including a constantly updated roster of fully vetted candidates. We also understand the local market and how best to position your company to attract your needed talent. And we’re expert matchmakers who take pride in placing just the right candidates with each organization.


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